Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pink Saturday

I forgot to let Beverly know I was participating in Pink Saturday this week but decided to post anyway because I took a hike at a local State Park and found all these beautiful pinks.
All of these pictures were taken in the woods this week so these are the wildflowers and bushes in bloom in my area now. We hiked for 6 hours and never saw another soul. I was so excited to see all these pink flowers, now I have to find out what they are. If anyone knows the common names I would love to know.
Visit Beverly for more pink and have a wonderful weekend. Mary


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Gorgeous pictures!! Happy Pink Saturday!!
♥ Teresa

Shirley said...

I'm in upstate NY too and think it's beautiful. There are many places around here to hike and see beautiful things like your flowers. Happy Pink Saturday.

Joyce said...

A 6 hr hike makes me think that you are in great shape. You carried your camera too to take these pretty pink photos. I love the Spring when all the flowers start to bloom. I went to SUNY Albany. I miss the area but I do not miss the snow:) Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks for visiting my blog with little man today.

Anonymous said...

Mary these are beautiful flowers you get to see. That must be one hike! :-) I love the second one where there's a hint of blue.

This is nice that you love baking. Oh I'm sure you'll find lots of inspirations in Bakerella. I always enjoy seeing what she's up to next :-)And I do admire people who really knows how to bake. Maybe, one of these days you'll also post about your experience. Will definitely have to wait for that. :-)

just a little bit shabby said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. The small amount of research I did says that, yes, they are deer resistant. They do need lots of sun. love all your beautiful pink flowers.

HiHo said...

the Hudson Valley is the best place to hike! wish I had more time. You should stop by the next time your in town.HP,Heidi

grannyann said...

I took a trip with my best friend many years ago to upstate NY. She is from Catskill and I fell in love with that area. You got some beautiful pics of pink flowers. I went with Dottie during the fall when all the leaves were turning. You know how beautiful that can be.