Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pink Ladies Slipper

I found out the name of this exotic flower I found in the woods on one of my hikes this week. Pink Ladies Slipper, a member of the orchid family!! I thought this looked like a orchid when I saw it.
(Orchids often have swollen, ball-shaped tubers that were regarded in traditional practices as having medicinal value. The root of lady's slipper was used as a remedy for nervousness, tooth pain, and muscle spasms. In the 1800s and 1900s it, and other orchids, were widely used as a substitute for the European plant valerian for sedative properties.)
Isn't this interesting? I took this from this site if you are interested in reading more about this beautiful and other wildlife plants.


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Wow, what a beauty and it grows wild, I love it, of course I would, it's Pink!! I wish we had some of those around here!!
Enjoy your Sunday!
♥ Teresa

grannyann said...

That is a beautiful picture and I was surprised it is of the orchid family. I am not much of a flower person, my mom knew them all. I don't seem to have a green thumb.

Anonymous said...

Pink Ladies Slipper - I love the name Mary :-) It is an interesting one. Maybe you can grow one too :-)

Anonymous said...

beautiful flower. i'd love to have it in my garden (i'd love to have a garden... :-) )