Friday, April 17, 2009

Road Trip to "Switzerland of America"

otherwise know as Jim Thorpe, Pa. This town is nestled in the Mountains of the Poconos and because of the landscape and architecture was nicknamed, "Switzerland of America."

It was originally called Mauch Chunk which means Sleeping Bear in Lenape Indian. After the famous Olympian Jim Thorpe died, his widow sold the town his remains and the town of Mauch Chunk was renamed Jim Thorpe in the hope of stimulating tourism. I'm sure the town is hopping in the summer, white water rafting is very popular here but I went there Wednesday and unfortunately all the places of interests to tour were closed, the tourist season hadn't started yet. Just my luck!

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kimmcl said...

Ya know, I'm not that far from the Poconos. I only live just 15 minutes outside of Philadelphia. I'll have to take hubby here sometime - it looks wonderful!