Saturday, January 10, 2009

Courtesy of Craig

I just read Eddie Ross's Blog ( it's listed under my favorites) and he does a virtual redo of a beautiful dining room set. So, I have to show you my Craigs list chairs! I paid 350.00 for 6 chairs that were in brand new condition. I bought them from a lovely couple in Westchester County NY. They have a beautiful home filled with alot of antique English pine furniture. I admired it and they were so gracious they gave me a tour of their entire home!!! They were lovely, charming people and I spent at least an hour visiting with them. They wrapped the chairs in the original packing and loaded them up in my truck. I drove away feeling thrilled with my purchase and happy to meet such nice people!
Like Eddie, I would love to see your Craigs list finds!

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Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Mary, Craigs list is great for so many things. My husband got me on that some years ago. The advertisments for yard sales are great too. In fact the woman took a picture of her tables loaded with great stuff. I coarse I went over there immediately and got alot of goodies.