Monday, February 16, 2009

Cake Decorating 101

I took the first two Wilton cake decorating classes at my local Michaels. It was alot of fun and as I look back at this picture I think I did pretty well for one of the first cakes I decorated. I have to remember to snap of picture when I decorate a cake.
I only wish I had a recipe for a frosting that is easy to work with that doesn't use Crisco....I can't bring myself to eat it!
If anyone sees this that has a recipe for Crisco free icing that is workable I would appreciate it if you would share it.
I'm off for the holiday today and just may have to make a cake!!


Katherine said...

Hi Mary,

What a beautiful cake. You did a great job for only have taken a few classes. Here is a recipe without crisco but it uses butter instead. Don't know if that helps or not. But there are other recipes on there also, so you may find one that you like and can use.

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! And my daughter thanks you too.

I enjoy your blog and would love to see more posts and especially about your trip to the Ozarks...;) That's a good idea about making things ahead of time to have when your are busy. I am enjoying blogging. It is so therapeutic to write and decorate things pretty. :)

~Katherine~ @

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
I read what you left on Cindy's(My Romantic Home's) blog. I had to come see your cakes :-) I hope to take that class sometime in the future. What beautiful cakes! You did a good job. I have just started (on my own) cake decorating. I am not that good yet.
I hope to one day start a blog. For now I have fun reading everybody else's blog. I have a disabled husband. I can't get on here as much as I would like.
I enjoyed your blog. I will be back again!

Love & Hugs,

Mary said...

Janet, Thanks for stopping in to see my cakes. I have just started blogging and I'm not so great at it, I only wish I had more time to devote to it. Even if no one looks it's good to journal and it's keeping me motivated! If you do start one be sure to leave me a note so I can visit.
Isn't card making fun? I'm going away overnight for a cardmaking weekend, the weekend of March 1st. I hope to post some pretty cards after that.
I can't wait to see Cindys cakes, I'm sure they are going to be fantastic..she is so talented.
Stop by again, it was nice that you visited. Mary