Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Counting down to 100th post!

After this post I'm only 7 posts away and I plan on having a giveaway just like many other bloggers that celebrate their 100th post. So be sure you keep checking in. Just a hint, it's going to be one of my vintage finds.
Please check out this blogger....http://www.thefiftyfactor.com/2009/08/time-money-giveaway.html I love this clock and she is giving it away!!
I also love the name of the blog....very clever! So be sure you stop by and enter the giveaway, but I hate to disappoint you...I'm going to win!


grannyann said...

Keeping my eyes open.....

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Mary, WOW, Thanks for the giveaway shout-out. YOU ROCK!!!

And thanks a million for reading and commenting on my blog! I really appreciate it! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the Giveaway. Don't forget, every time you leave a comment on a new post between now and August 16th you receive another entry!

Congrats on your almost 100th!!!! I'll be counting down with you!

kate said...

hey mary, thanks for visiting , great recipe for rasp
cake, yum,yum.
will keep you updated on the greenhouse progect,
we planted herbs this week,

kanishk said...

what a sweet thing...most unusual these days

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