Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My orchids are blooming again!

I just adore these plants. I have the common Phalaenopsis Orchids which are very, very easy to care for.
They are kept in a southern exposure and I water them once a week. That's it! If I can keep them alive anyone can.
They bloom for months on end and I love their exotic appearance.
If you want a long blooming plant that requires little effort, this is the plant for you!


RJ said...

Mary all you have to do is water them once a week? Do you ever fertilize them? When you water is it a real soak? I'm so bad at keeping plants alive and would love to be able to grow orchids. Your orchids are gorgeous! RJ

Mary said...

RJ, My Mom killed all her orchids when she fertilized them so since mine are doing well with so little care I'm terrified of doing anything else. I only water once a week. They say you should keep them moist but I don't. I must have the perfect spot for them. I have another one that will be blooming soon, tons of buds.

Before I discovered these I have killed everyhouse plant I brought in here.

You can buy them at Costco for 12.99 when they have them in. Buy one inexpensive and try it. I bet they would thrive for you.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Mary

Anonymous said...

:-) You just made me smile. Nice shots of your orchids. I also love the lenten rose you had on your previous post.:-)

You always say I can grow orchids. And now you posted this.

You really are convincing me even more :-) Beautiful flowers and water only once a week?

It does sounds easy. Maybe I was just so afraid because we used to have neighbors who grow a variety of orchids and the way she cares for them I find so meticulous.

YOu must really have that green thumb. No fertilizers needed? Just beautiful.

Mimi said...

Those are gorgeous! I've heard that they are not nearly as fussy as people think they are to raise. My gosh, you really have some beauties!

Anonymous said...

Oh ! Beautiful orchids !!!